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Forged Alliance Forever rules

The rule changes below are not retroactive and are for the moment subject to change as we work towards improving and consolidating the rules. Keep in mind that lobby rules in essence apply not only to #aeolus but also to your in-game behavior. If you have any suggestions or concerns please contact the IRC moderator usergroup.

To report infractions of other users, it is recommended to use this form: Mod Report Form: link


FAF moderation is active on all platforms and services that Forged Alliance Forever provides. This includes the clients, in-game, the forums and other platforms such as slack and discord.


Everything on FAF is subject to the Terms of Service here: TOS

This is a short overview of the rules. For any moderating purpose, only the complete rules will be taken into account : this summary is for your information only.

You are responsible for everything you do!

By using FAF services you agree to the rules detailed in this post.

FAF Rules:

By using FAF you agree to the rules defined in this forum post. For the purposes of moderation, the english translation will be used, and other translations are intended for clarity & reference only. These rules add-up to the FAF Terms of Service, but do not replace it in any way.

Avoiding penalties applied to you by the moderation team via any means is forbidden, and will result in an extension of the penalties. Helping others with breaking FAF rules or avoiding penalties is also forbidden, and carries a similar punishment. For example, sharing an account or playing with a banned user who is avoiding their penalty will result in a ban of both users.

In-game Rules:

All of the rules for FAF apply ingame, excluding the english language requirement.

Rules on UI mods:

We will list what sort of UI mods are not allowed here. This includes:

If you are unsure if what you are using/developing is allowed, send a message to the moderation team, which contains instructions on how to find said mod/a download link, a description and we will inform you as soon as possible. This list may change.

Communicating on FAF

When communicating through FAF the following is prohibited:

The userbase for this lobby is international in nature, as such #aeolus is generally reserved for English chat. Quick questions or brief conversations in other languages are allowed, but if asked to stop, they should quickly. There are language channels for #russian, #german and #french.

The creation of IRC bots to enhance chat is encouraged, provided they behave in an appropriate manner.

Bot rules:

ALL bots must be registered with the IRC mod team before they are used or they will be banned.

The following guidelines should be adhered to wherever possible:

  1. Commands should in general have cooldowns.

    • Any commands which generate significant output (this can be multiple lines, or one long line of text) should have a cooldown to prevent abuse. The recommended cooldown is at least 60 seconds.

    • Other commands may also require cooldowns depending on usage.

  2. To avoid disturbing other users, bots should only ping or otherwise directly interact with a user if:

    • the user has explicitly permitted the given interaction. This can be by previously signing up to be pinged by the command, or if the user launched the given command.

    • the user of the command has specifically identified the ping recipient in the command.

  3. All bots should make reasonable efforts to not overlap on specific commands. This is to avoid multiple bots responding to the same command. This can be achieved by using different keywords, or restricting access to particular users for that command.

  4. FAF rules apply to the bot as they would for any user, so a bot posting derogatory material about other users is liable.

  5. The owner of the bot is responsible for the bots actions, and can have penalties applied to them.

Finally, the moderators have the final decision on whether or not a bot behaves unsuitably. The above guidelines should be considered as an addition to the other chat rules. Any bots deemed inappropriate are liable to be banned.

Forum rules:

In addition to the FAF rules:

We reserve the right to delete, lock, move and edit any posts on the message board. Action may be taken on a post or on a user account without prior warning or notice. You remain solely responsible for the content of your posts, FAF and its agents are blameless if actions are taken toward you or your accounts.

Violations and Penalties:

If, for any reason, you are in violation of any of the rules of FAF then your privileges to use FAF services will be reviewed by the moderation team. The penalties range from being given a severe warning as to future conduct, a timed ban (for a specified time), a total forum/lobby ban (you may still play on FAF) or a total FAF ban (you will not be able to play on FAF). If the matter warrants it then you might also be reported to your ISP/appropriate authorities.

The moderation team has the final say over what constitutes a violation of these Community Rules, and reserve the right to apply penalties at their discretion.

Appealing bans & contacting moderation

If you feel you have been mistreated or that your ban is unjustified, you can always appeal moderation decisions by contacting the moderation team. You can also always contact a moderator via private messages, either via the forums or the chat in the client. The official way is to send a message to the moderation team via email to the following address: [email protected]


This link to the report form can be used to report other community members : link

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