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Posted 20 hours ago on February 21st 2017 by speed2

After two weeks we proudly present our three new members; Giebmasse, lextoc and Jackherer. Many of you will know them as they’ve been contributing to this community for some time already.
On the other hand, we say goodbye to the moderators who parted ways. Viking handed in his moderator rank,

Posted 3 days ago on February 19th 2017 by duk3luk3

Update: It took a bit longer to get the wiki and other smaller bits working again, and some things may continue to be wonky. Expect these to be fixed over the next couple days.

Hello FAF,

there was a brief outage today due to a server configuration mishap.

I intended to reconfigure the webserver so

Posted 4 days ago on February 18th 2017 by duk3luk3

Update: The 0.12.2 client version has now been released. When running FAF, you will be prompted to update. Click “yes” and wait for the update to finish downloading – the download progress bar may not always show up, just wait.

You can also download the release directly from Githu

Posted 7 days ago on February 15th 2017 by duk3luk3

We Are Back

Bored of playing with UEF?
Aeon, Cybran also lost their charm?
Seraphim not interesting enough?

We have the solution! The featured mod ‘nomads‘ is working again.

It adds a completely new faction to the game with a unique background and abilities.
Orbital artillery, folding transports,

Posted 9 days ago on February 13th 2017 by speed2

What’s new:
After a while coop comes with another update. Major thing that got added is a feedback button to the score screen which leads to the forum thread for the mission. So feel free to post any suggestion or problems you encounter.

You can find the full changelog for missions

Posted 10 days ago on February 12th 2017 by speed2

Hello FAF community,

The moderator team is actively searching for more members. If you are interested in joining the moderator team don’t hesitate to apply!

Applicants are expected to send a private message to the IRC Moderator usergroup on the forums detailing on why they think they would ma

Posted 14 days ago on February 8th 2017 by duk3luk3

Hello FAF,

together with Sheeo I just uploaded the first proper release version of the FAForever Python Client 0.12.

You will be prompted to upgrade when running any older client versions.

This version adds no features or fixes over the last preview version (0.12.0-pre3), but it has now been rolled

Posted 16 days ago on February 6th 2017 by speed2

Hello Faffers,

In case you have missed the news, Zock has stepped down as Balance Councillor and the Council of Seton’s have elected me(JaggedAppliance) as successor. First off, a massive thanks to Zock for his contributions as balance councilor, he made a lot of important changes to improve

Posted 17 days ago on February 5th 2017 by speed2

Hello everyone,

Balance patch 3674 has just gone live. You can find the changes here:

This patch includes changes to many buildings’ hp values and also a number of changes to the Ythotha.
We have accentuated the hp differences in the factions

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