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Posted 13 days ago on June 12th 2018 by Sheeo

Hello Commanders,

Due to a change in approach by one of the applicants, we have decided after great deliberation that we are going to restart the voting process and include FtXCommando. We appreciate the feedback that you have all provided about our previous decision, and we accept that mistakes we

Posted 16 days ago on June 9th 2018 by Sheeo

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to the hard work of Axel12, Downlord and Rackover, you can now vote for the currently vacant position of Player Councilor.

The process works by going to and signing in with your FAF-account.

Please beware you need to have played at least 10 games to

Posted 20 days ago on June 5th 2018 by JJs_AI

You have to the end of June (30 days)
Create a 5km map and submit the name here. The best authors will be awarded prizes.

1st Place: Tournament Winner Avatar (Or 2nd and 3rd Place Prize)
2nd Place: Factional Face Avatar (Or 3rd Place Prize)
3rd Place: Factional Logo Avatar

The map deemed to most or

Posted 22 days ago on June 3rd 2018 by JJs_AI

The Galaxy Cup will be a New 1v1 Tournament I will be hosting every 6 months.

There are 3 Qualifying round and then the grand final. Top 4 from each qualifying round will go through (Position are important).

The Tournament will be in the Double Elimination format.

For Entering in to the first Quali

Posted 24 days ago on June 1st 2018 by JJs_AI

Greetings Commanders,

Unfortunately, due to a lack of technical hands, we have pushed our voting day back. Instead of voting opening on the 1st of June, it will now open on the 4th of June and run through until the 11th of June. A post will be made to announce the opening of the voting. Thank you t

Posted a month ago on May 28th 2018 by Downlord


We had troubles with our email server configuration which resulted in certain email providers (especially rejecting our emails.

This has now been fixed.

Most providers now accept our emails, but they might still classify it as SPAM. If you sign up for FAF, reset your password or expect

Posted a month ago on May 26th 2018 by IceDreamer

Hello Commanders,

Tonight we are releasing Balance Patch 3696, the long awaited T3 rebalance patch. Patchnotes can be found here:
PetricPwnz has put together an in-depth video explaining the reasoning behind many of the changes here:

Posted a month ago on May 26th 2018 by JJs_AI

No rating restrictions except for global rating to be more than 1000 (so there won’t be teams with low-skilled players who will lose their games anyway).
Standard double elimination (final brackets will be available about 15:10 GMT time). You need to be online in FAF 10 minutes before the st

Posted a month ago on May 25th 2018 by Sheeo

Hello Commanders,

As you may be aware, the GDPR takes effect today the 25th of May, 2018. As such, we’ve created a Terms of Service agreement and a Privacy Policy governing user interaction with FAF. Please take your time to read them, since your agreement with their terms is required to use

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