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As a non-profit open source project we are reliant on contributions from the community. Donating is just one of the many ways on how to contribute to the community. Check out the different ways YOU can contribute today!


If you would like to support the continuing development of Forged Alliance Forever you can do so here. All donations will be used exclusively for continued development and support of Forged Alliance Forever. We are extremely grateful for your aid! Any donations will receive a free avatar!

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Forged Alliance Forever is an open source project and always looking for new collaborators. If you would like to help with development you can do so on Github, however we request you to contact an administrator/moderator on the forums or in our in-client chat (white names at the top) so that we can invite you to our developer Slack chat for easier communication.

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Creating Maps and Mods

You have a cool idea for a new map or mod? Awesome! Our vaults are always open for new and exciting maps and mods.

Mapping InformationModding Information

Testing & Bug Reports

Forged Alliance Forever is constantly evolving. You can help as a tester for balance patches or you can help testing the latest new mods from our developers.

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Train Beginners

One of the biggest challenges for every beginner is understanding the game play and mechanics of Supreme Commander. Help out your fellow n00bies by teaching others the basics to more advanced techniques on crushing their opponent.

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Streaming & Casting

Don't know how to contribute in any other way? Then streaming and casting is right for you! Cast replays or stream live games on Twitch, Youtube, or etc and help boost the community.

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Thank you for your support!