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Posted 8 hours ago on January 23rd 2017 by duk3luk3

Hello FAF,

today between 11am and 2pm GMT we deployed the new IRC server.

The disruption was planned to last only a couple of minutes, but sadly we had some issues getting everything back together.

The IRC server should now be running as usual and, most importantly, the connection limit has been ch

Posted 10 hours ago on January 23rd 2017 by speed2

Today 23.1.2017 IRC chat is being updated to support over 1000 connections

Detailed report below

Coallition Archives
Day X:
[1253] QAI has rebelled, following the orders of the Seraphim, crippling Quantum Communication (#aeolus) disallowing communication on FAF.

[1255] AeonCommander joining Order f

Posted 6 days ago on January 18th 2017 by speed2

  • Fixed the game reporting incorrect army indexes to the server on game start, leading to incorrect rating calculations on game end


Posted 9 days ago on January 14th 2017 by duk3luk3

Get FAF Client 0.12.0-pre3 from Github!

This is the last preview release of version 0.12 of the official FAF Python Client.
It contains a good amount of improvements and fixes on top of the last preview release.

Changes since 0.12.0-pre2:

  • replace Tab Livestreams with (old) Unit Database (#539)
  • Ad

Posted 21 days ago on January 2nd 2017 by Exotic_Retard

Hello! Some of you may have known, some of you may have waited for this, most of you dreaded this, but it’s finally happened!

Equilibrium is now officially a featured mod in FAF!


Since its had a little bit of a shady past lets just explain a little about what it is and why you should b

Posted 22 days ago on January 2nd 2017 by Exotic_Retard

Feel the balance

Greetings! Today we present a great opportunity to participate in a relaxing tournament!

We also have a selection of prizes that will help you feel the tranquility:

Fixed In Equilibrium!

  1. Fixed In Equilibrium Avatar, and $15
  2. Faction face avatar and $5
  3. Faction logo avatar

Head on over to the forums to sign up and see

Posted 24 days ago on December 31st 2016 by speed2

I’ve managed to fix LAB Wars and it’s been already updated on the server.

As a featured mod, you can host as you were used to:

Feel free to report any bugs I didn’t catch to the forum:

Keep testing, if every works well you can expect

Posted a month ago on December 26th 2016 by duk3luk3

Merry Christmas from the client team and here’s our present to you! Version 0.12.0-pre2 of the FAF Client was pushed to the auto-updater this afternoon.

There are a few kinks to be ironed out especially with less supported platforms (like linux/wine), but overall the upgrade has gone well so

Posted a month ago on December 24th 2016 by Exotic_Retard

Hello Commanders!

We would like to wish you a Happy Holiday Season and a Happy New Year. A lot has happened to FAF in 2016, and if we’re lucky there’s a lot to look forward to in 2017! We hope that you have enjoyed your stay with us this year, and a special thanks goes out to all those who h

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