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Posted 19 days ago on October 5th 2017 by speed2

5 players free for all

  • 1v1v1v1v1
  • x100 resources
  • HardFFA and fast Claustrophobia mod
  • Any rating.

Thursday, 5th of October. 18:00 GMT+3 (Moscow time).

Tournament played live on Yuris stream. So you need to be online and play during that time, games will be created and narrated by Yuri live.


Posted 21 days ago on October 3rd 2017 by speed2

7th of October, 16:00 GMT/18:00 CEST

This Tournament is part of LegendOfTheStars End-of-Year-Championship 2017


Prize pool:

1st place:    50 $AU + Winner of LotS Qualifier Avatar
2nd place: 30 $AU
3rd place:    20 $AU

+ first three finalists and highest placed U1900

Posted 22 days ago on October 1st 2017 by IceDreamer

This is just a small follow-up to the 3688 balance patch. There are three changes:

– Fixed a bug that caused units to give 100% veterancy points instead of a fraction depending on their remaining HP on death when getting destroyed by self destruction.
– Fixed ACUs giving too much vetera

Posted 25 days ago on September 29th 2017 by speed2

What’s new

Last 2 missions of the Aeon campaign are redone. You can expect more agression from the AI and new bonus objectives.

You can also find a brand new mission in this update, Haven’s Invasion. It’s a singleplayer Seraphim mission, takes 30-60 minutes to complete.

The update

Posted a month ago on September 25th 2017 by IceDreamer

Greetings Commanders!

Today marks the release of a small balance patch. The team has been hard at work on a few things that went over the top recently, and a couple of longstanding issues. A full changelog is available here. Please leave your feedback here.

Highlights include moving to a mass-based

Posted 2 months ago on August 16th 2017 by JJs_AI

Hey Commanders,

I’m after a team of developers who might be willing to dedicate some time to help with my ACU Skin Customisation idea. I’m after a few coders and graphics specialists (to design some fancy skins). I have everything planned out. If you’re interested in helping, you

Posted 2 months ago on August 15th 2017 by speed2

What’s new

This is a bugfix update. Several small issues got solved including the new bug introduced by the latest game update where some missions didn’t expand (those with UEF ACU that had Nano upgrade).

Voice files for 4th UEF mission and Prothyon-16 were update as well.



Posted 2 months ago on August 13th 2017 by IceDreamer

Greetings Commanders!

It is with great pleasure I can announce a new game version, and I’m confident it’s going to be one of our best. In addition to this version, updates for COOP, Nomads, and BlackOps are either being released simultaneously, or very shortly, and there’s a new v

Posted 3 months ago on July 13th 2017 by JJs_AI

Greetings Commanders,

We released a new unstable version of the client. Apart from (many!) fixes and improvements behind the scenes, we added an ability to friend and foe IRC users.

You can find a download link here:

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