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Posted 3 years ago on January 15th 2019 by PhilipJFry

Hello dear FAF Users!

Some of you might be aware that we are currently trying to not share any copyright protected code.

Approximately four months ago, after discussion with sheeo, downlord, and others to verify it was enough time, Visionik (the owner of FAForever) has enforced a deadline for this

Posted 3 years ago on August 4th 2018 by JJs_AI

The rule changes below are not retroactive and are for the moment subject to change as we work towards improving and consolidating the rules. Keep in mind that lobby rules in essence apply not only to #aeolus but also to your in-game behavior. If you have any suggestions or concerns please contact

Posted 4 years ago on September 9th 2017 by JJs_AI

Hello Commanders!

Earlier this year, our FAF moderation councillor posted a nice message for everyone to view. Just for reference to those who are new here, here is the message from February:

Hello FAF community,

The moderator team is actively searching for more members who do not live in a Europea

Posted 5 years ago on June 8th 2017 by Voodoo (Moderation Councillor)

Hello FAF community,

Today we are bringing up an unpleasant topic. Unfortunately a script has been published with which a player can manipulate the FA lobby into displaying incorrect values (rating, games and so on …). While they cannot change their rating, they can pretend it is higher or lo

Posted 5 years ago on February 26th 2017 by OppressiveDuke

Hello FAF,

some of you may have heard of the Cloudflare Security incident.

Cloudflare is a popular internet support company, mainly offering CDN and DDoS Protection services.

Forged Alliance Forever has been using Cloudflare to protect our and reduce the amount of web traffic.

Posted 5 years ago on August 11th 2016 by Violet Ania

Hello Commanders!

This is just a quick reminder of the FAF chat rules, please refrain from using obscene, abusive or crude language in chat.  Trolling, insulting and/or cheating in games is also not tolerated.
The aim of the FAF community is to promote Supreme Commander: FA and to grow a community

Posted 6 years ago on January 9th 2016 by Gorton

A news for the community, about banned exploits and bug abuse: 

We won’t be making huge announcements for minor changes to this, so it’s everyone’s responsibility to check this list. Also note that finding a new exploit and using it when it’s not on here will not exempt you.

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