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Posted 2 years ago on November 29th 2019 by keyser

Greetings Commanders!

After many years doing my best to serve you all and keep FAF moving forwards, my life has become busier and busier, and it’s finally time to pass the torch on to a new Game Councillor.

After beginning to play way back at the very start of SupCom, at just 13, quickly be

Posted 2 years ago on September 4th 2019 by Wise Old Dog

Heyo everyone! Over the course of the last month or two, Mountain has stepped down from the Promotion Councilor position to hand it over to me, Wise Old Dog. Of course, we appreciate his contributions and help during his time, and I am especially grateful in his help in transitioning into this role

Posted 3 years ago on October 14th 2018 by Downlord

Hi all,

Until today, the DevOps councilor seat has been shared by me (Downlord) and DukeOfEarl. Since DukeOfEarl got too busy with his private life, he resigned. In the name of all of us, I would like to thank him for the time he spent on FAF.

I am pleased to announce that his spot has now been tak

Posted 3 years ago on June 25th 2018 by Sheeo

Greetings Commanders,

Voting has closed, and the results are in. We are excited to provide the results for you all.

Before we reveal the winner, we’d like to thank everyone who applied for the role, we appreciate the time you have put in and your patience during the voting process. We hope that eve

Posted 4 years ago on June 1st 2018 by JJs_AI

Greetings Commanders,

Unfortunately, due to a lack of technical hands, we have pushed our voting day back. Instead of voting opening on the 1st of June, it will now open on the 4th of June and run through until the 11th of June. A post will be made to announce the opening of the voting. Thank you t

Posted 4 years ago on May 23rd 2018 by JJs_AI

Greetings Commanders,

During the recent council meeting, we have all come to a consensus about the Player Councillor position. After a solid discussion about all of our current applicants, we have decided to extend the application period to the 31st of May. Applications will close at the end of the

Posted 4 years ago on May 20th 2018 by JJs_AI

Greetings Commanders,

Due to lack of time, our current Player Councillor Tokyto_ has decided to resign. That being said, we would like to thank Tokyto_ for his services and wish him luck with future endeavours. Because of the news, a council meeting will be held sometime during the upcoming week to

Posted 4 years ago on April 5th 2018 by JJs_AI

Greetings Commanders,

Today, the council have elected a new member to take on the role of Map and Mod Councillor – MisterK. He has been selected out of our applicants to take on the responsibility of the position. Congratulations are in order! For the Discord Administration slot, we have chos

Posted 4 years ago on March 27th 2018 by JJs_AI

Greetings Commanders,

We have recently had a resignation in our council, and a new position is available. Unfortunately, speed2 has resigned as Map and Mod Councillor and moderator due to lack of time. First off, we would like to thank him for his services and wish him luck in his endeavors. With t

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