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Posted 8 years ago on December 28th 2012 by Ze PilOt

Each season, the balance is tweaked by the community, and new maps are chosen for the ladder.

The patch changelog can be found here :

The current map pool can be seen here :

Posted 9 years ago on March 5th 2012 by Ze PilOt

Ho my god some many things !

First, the 3612 patch log :

Second, you can now play Wyvern BattlePack, BlackOps and Nuke For The in Mods !

But I let you discover all that on game on in the forums…

Posted 9 years ago on February 14th 2012 by Ze PilOt

thygrrr ( for the lobby part) and Raging Squirrel (for the web/vault part) spent the last month redoing the lobby for the first official public release.

Today, you will have access to a open-beta of this new lobby.

What does it mean ?

It’s not the definitive lobby. The code is entirely redone

Posted 9 years ago on December 9th 2011 by Ze PilOt

Quick fixes on 3609 :

  • Scores were not registered correctly.
  • Chat was doubled in game.
  • Replays were not playing.

Remember : You have to remove any Sorian file in order to make this patch works. Sorian is included !

Posted 9 years ago on December 8th 2011 by Ze PilOt

FAF Team is happy to announce the release of 3609 patch !

It’s the first one of a serie of patches that will try to fix all the remaining bugs in FA. If you encounter new or old bug, please tell us in the appropriate forum :

Change log :

Posted 9 years ago on October 25th 2011 by Ze PilOt

The featured Mod : Murder Party is now online !

What is it ? More infos on the forums !

And Lab Wars from Legion_Darrath too !

More infos there !


Posted 9 years ago on October 20th 2011 by Ze PilOt

Lobby Update :

Fa Update :

  • Adding “3603” compatibility to 3608 patch.

What does that mean ?

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