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Posted 2 years ago on February 13th 2020 by Wise Old Dog


  • Restriction Affliction 1v1 Tournament
  • Mapping Tournament #4 (20×20)
  • Third Season of FAF Ladder League (RESULTS)

Restriction Affliction 1v1 Tournament

Bothered by 1v1 games with tons of spam, or you feel like being hard on yourself? Sign up for this unique 1v1 tournament,

Posted 2 years ago on February 7th 2020 by Wise Old Dog

Welcome to the first of the official newsletter for FAF in 2020! We intend to have this article cover multiple topics relevant to the date posted: future, present, and/or past. We will post the newsletter biweekly, though this may change to be weekly if there are a lot of events going on.


Posted 2 years ago on January 21st 2020 by Wise Old Dog

Happy belated New Years to everyone! This edition was delayed some, but we do have a few maps here to show for this package! If you have a map that would be great to show off, contact Ze Dogfather to have added to the next bundle.

ADAPTIVE SKADI 20x20km by svenni_badbwoi

Zordam Xolix 5x

Posted 2 years ago on December 19th 2019 by Wise Old Dog

Another packet of maps has just entered the fray! Returning from a long departure away from FAF, biass has returned to show off three new maps for us all to play with.

WILDPATH 10x10km



Creator(s): biass

If you want y

Posted 2 years ago on November 22nd 2019 by Wise Old Dog

Everyone’s favorite infinite tournament is coming back to life! Hosted by yours truly, with a few extra twists to make things a little more interesting.

There are 4 potential titles to win, in 4 different rating brackets, so everyone from all levels of FAF gets a chance to win a fancy s

Posted 2 years ago on November 8th 2019 by Wise Old Dog

Hosted by: Apofenas, Saske_Kaske

Are you an active sub 1k ladder player and want to compete? This tournament is suited for you! Third place will receive a faction logo avatar, second place receives $15 plus an faction place avatar, and first place will win $35 and the tournament winner av

Posted 2 years ago on October 31st 2019 by Wise Old Dog

This year’s LotS tournament has returned! This Saturday ( Nov. 2nd) will be the 1st of 4 rounds for qualification rounds that will occur every 2 weeks until December 14th. Each of these rounds will narrow down the top 4 of each bracket, where the best 16 players will contend in single elimin

Posted 2 years ago on October 16th 2019 by Wise Old Dog

Do you want to see fixes/changes implemented into the FAF client, but might not be interested in the development work? You can contribute with Issue Hunt:

Linked with a GitHub account, you can set up bounties on suggested features or bu

Posted 2 years ago on October 14th 2019 by Wise Old Dog

Want to help out our developers with client/game features? We have a dedicated role on the official discord for testing, and we are open to receiving feedback on potential bugs and issues in future releases!

If you want to get started, you can obtain the role on the discord with !subscribe Test

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