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Posted 6 years ago on March 1st 2015 by Jonathan Taylor

Hi everyone.  The winner of the vote for 2015 Player Councilor is TA4Life.   Congrats and welcome to the council!

With the rest of the council in place, we will now work to pick the Balance Councilor and discuss what we want to do about the Maps/Mods Councilor.

Thank you!



Posted 6 years ago on February 23rd 2015 by Jonathan Taylor

Hi All.  I closed the voting this morning.  I’m currently de-duplicating votes (from people who voted more than once) and verifying the remaining votes are valid.   I will post results this weekend!


Posted 6 years ago on February 8th 2015 by Jonathan Taylor

Hi Everyone –

Below is the link to vote for the Players Councilor on the Council of Setons.  If you don’t know what that means, more information is below.  Voting will close at 6AM (in your local time zone) on Monday, February 23rd.

Note you must view this post from within the “Wh

Posted 6 years ago on February 4th 2015 by Jonathan Taylor

Ok, actually it’s only been about three weeks since my last post, but it feels like forever!  (Like an FA forever?)

I had two huge projects at work back-to-back, the last one just finished up yesterday so I have some time to focus on FAF now.

First order of business:  The vote for the players

Posted 6 years ago on January 20th 2015 by Jonathan Taylor

Hi everyone.  You may notice that, the forums, and all other web content on FA Forever is WAY faster now.

Like 1,000,000,000,000 times faster.

Sheeo switched the all the FAF web stuff from Apache to nginx.  Nginx is a much lighter and faster web server than Apache.  This is someth

Posted 6 years ago on December 28th 2014 by Jonathan Taylor

Hello everyone –

First, I wanted to let you know we are going to cut down the # of maps in the ladder map pool today as per the discussion thread we had about it last month.  Only the maps that were widely agreed should be cut will be cut.  We’ll have a second discussion about cutting t

Posted 7 years ago on December 13th 2014 by Jonathan Taylor

Hi everyone –

Patch 3637 is up.  This fixes several problems we had with patch 3636 from yesterday.   I’ll post a more detailed summary tomorrow.

Sheeo stayed up until 7:30am his time getting this patch done for us all, thank you Sheeo!

Also thanks to TAG_UBER for helping Sheeo and I te

Posted 7 years ago on December 13th 2014 by Jonathan Taylor

Hi everyone.  A 3637 patch is coming real soon.  3636 was supposed to be just the bug fixes and new lobby from 3637, but we accidentally left some prototype balance changes in that we didn’t intend to release.  So 3637 will now be the “fixed” 3636, and 3638 will have the balance changes.   This is

Posted 7 years ago on December 12th 2014 by Jonathan Taylor

It’s been a long time in the making, but patch 3636 is here at last. It’s a patch motivated by exploits and bugs that were in 3634, and as such there are no direct balance changes included. These will be developed as part of the next patch, 3637.

This patch also includes a new 2.5 lobby

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