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Posted 4 years ago on June 25th 2018 by Sheeo

Greetings Commanders,

Voting has closed, and the results are in. We are excited to provide the results for you all.

Before we reveal the winner, we’d like to thank everyone who applied for the role, we appreciate the time you have put in and your patience during the voting process. We hope that eve

Posted 4 years ago on June 12th 2018 by Sheeo

Hello Commanders,

Due to a change in approach by one of the applicants, we have decided after great deliberation that we are going to restart the voting process and include FtXCommando. We appreciate the feedback that you have all provided about our previous decision, and we accept that mistakes we

Posted 4 years ago on June 9th 2018 by Sheeo

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to the hard work of Axel12, Downlord and Rackover, you can now vote for the currently vacant position of Player Councilor.

The process works by going to and signing in with your FAF-account.

Please beware you need to have played at least 10 games to

Posted 4 years ago on May 25th 2018 by Sheeo

Hello Commanders,

As you may be aware, the GDPR takes effect today the 25th of May, 2018. As such, we’ve created a Terms of Service agreement and a Privacy Policy governing user interaction with FAF. Please take your time to read them, since your agreement with their terms is required to use

Posted 4 years ago on May 23rd 2018 by Sheeo

We’ve pushed a small update to ForgedAlliance.exe as a standalone update outside of the normal game patch releases. This update addresses the following issue:

Where double-clicking on wall-sections would not cause group selection.


Many than

Posted 5 years ago on February 28th 2017 by Sheeo


FAF is undergoing a transition from a project largely supported by a single investor, back to a project supported entirely by donations. We’re currently on the lookout for new servers that can be supported by our monthly patreon income:

The Council of Seton

Posted 5 years ago on September 27th 2016 by Sheeo

Hi folks,

We had a slight server hiccup today interrupting games from about 19:00 until 19:50 CEST.

Everything should be back to normal, but please don’t hesitate to report on the forums if you notice anything out of the ordinary.


We’re still investigating what happened and will

Posted 5 years ago on August 1st 2016 by Sheeo

Hi folks,

We’ll have some downtime the 8th of August, where we’ll be updating some server software and re-enabling map upload at the same time.


The downtime is expected to be around 6am GMT from 1-2 hours onwards.




Posted 6 years ago on July 12th 2016 by Sheeo

Client 0.11.60 has been released, see changelog here.

Thanks to the following contributors for helping out with this release:

  • HaraldWeber
  • TimWolters
  • Softly
  • Yorick
  • Downlord
  • Sheeo

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