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Posted a month ago on May 23rd 2018 by JJs_AI

Greetings Commanders,

During the recent council meeting, we have all come to a consensus about the Player Councillor position. After a solid discussion about all of our current applicants, we have decided to extend the application period to the 31st of May. Applications will close at the end of the

Posted a month ago on May 23rd 2018 by Sheeo

We’ve pushed a small update to ForgedAlliance.exe as a standalone update outside of the normal game patch releases. This update addresses the following issue:

Where double-clicking on wall-sections would not cause group selection.


Many than

Posted a month ago on May 20th 2018 by JJs_AI

Greetings Commanders,

Due to lack of time, our current Player Councillor Tokyto_ has decided to resign. That being said, we would like to thank Tokyto_ for his services and wish him luck with future endeavours. Because of the news, a council meeting will be held sometime during the upcoming week to

Posted a month ago on May 19th 2018 by Brutus5000

Hello everyone,

our website has received some updates.

  • You are now able to recover your password with your username or your email (instead of both before).
  • Steam linking should be working again. Please consider the latest steam changes. You need to set your profile and your game list to public
  • Our

Posted a month ago on May 17th 2018 by JJs_AI

Map Bundle Promotion Post #10

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Map By: svenni_badbwoi

The Seraphim just discovered Ahssa-Shi (named after god of reincarnation). The latest scans revealed that the planet is habitable, resource-rich and seems to have had large water re

Posted a month ago on May 15th 2018 by JJs_AI

Map Bundle Promotion Post #9

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Map By: biass

This map is a 1v1 navy map inspired from the gameplay from ‘waters of isis’. This map takes that slower navy play and pushes it into a competitive setting, however as always any strateg

Posted a month ago on May 13th 2018 by Exotic_Retard

The final beta version of patch 3696 is released today. You can play it by selecting FAF Beta on the left of the Play tab. The patchnotes for this beta can be found at this link:

Please leave your feedback in this thread:

Posted 2 months ago on May 8th 2018 by JJs_AI

This will take place on the 12.5.18 Channel : TBA Challonge:

Time: 5Pm GMT Rules:

Double Elimination

Team Colours are fixed

60 minute time limit

If there is a disconnect it will result in a rehost unless the tournament director says otherwise.

In case of a draw your a

Posted 2 months ago on April 29th 2018 by Exotic_Retard

Saturday, 5th of May, 17:00 CET

Prize pool:
First place: Fixed In Equilibrium Avatar 
Second place: Faction Face Avatar
Third place: Faction Logo Avatar

How to sign up:
To sign up, and for more info, visit the forum thread here:

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