ladder map pool rotation

Hi everyone. It took much longer than i hoped, but the first short term rotation is now online, and all short rotation maps are switched. The next short term rotation is scheduled in 2 weeks, the next long term rotation is planned for June. Enjoy the old and new maps and have fun laddering!


theta passage
cobalt valley (it’s 10×10 i count it as 5×5 anyway)
canis river (short rotation)

open palms
syrtis major
twin rivers
eye of the storm
craftious maximus (short rotation)

point of reach (short rotation)
the bermuda locket
roanoke abyss

Roos and Drop Bears 1v1 Tournament #4 30th of April

Come at me bro!

Time and date:
Saturday the 30th of April, 8am GMT- to name some cities:
8pm Auckland
6pm Brisbane/Sydney/Canberra/Melb time
5pm Tokyo
4pm Perth, Beijing

Check your timezone

Challonge page will be at:
Note: if your challonge name is different to your in game name please advice in the thread below. If you can’t make a challonge account for whatever reason, post in the thread and you’ll be manually added.

This is a tournament for all the australian, asian, nz, pacific region and others that find it hard to wake up for the european based tournaments. 
There is no rank limit. Just join in and have fun! (Also new map pool with no Theta =D see, i do listen ;P)

You need to be in the tournament channel 15 minutes prior to the start of the tournament, type “/join #RoosAndDropBears” to join 
You must be signed up in the challonge page to participate – if you have issues with challonge, let me know in this thread and I’ll manually add you
Maps will be chosen on the day and more maps may be added to the map pool- let me know if there’s any maps you like ^^

The complete tournament rules are here

Remember this is just for fun and it’s good practice. Don’t worry about your rating, everyone starts somewhere! 
Who doesn’t like an underdog? ^.^

First prize: Tourney winner avatar and $10AUD
Second prize: Face of a faction avatar
Third prize: Logo of a faction avatar

Empire ladder week has ended!

Its the end of the week and so the end of this endeavor. Over the course of this week we have seen a great increase in activity from high and low rated players alike, even a few games from players who were taking a break from FAF!

The man with the most points, the most games played, the DOMINATOR of the ladder, who will be GRANTED the ladder warrior avatar, is none other than BeastmodeGuNs!

With a grand total of 180 points, he came out on top after a grueling battle for first place, ahead by just 2 draws, with the winner being decided less than 10 minutes before the week ended!

The empire clan would like to thank everyone for participating; look forward to more events like this in the future. We have prepared some statistics for your amusement.


During this week we had:

- 53 participants who submitted at least one game, of which 35 had at least 5 wins

- a total of 953 replays submitted, consisting of 651 wins, 274 losses, and 28 draws

- members from 13 clans participated, of which 13 players were in the empire clan

This event was organized by the empire clan, with special thanks to HotFog and Gorton Norton.

Supreme Gladiator Series

Welcome to the Supreme Gladiator series
Forum post link
Only the best players get the chance to become a Gladiator and fight for the honour, the cash and the girls.
Handpicked pairings guarantee thrilling and action packed matches on all kinds of maps.


The first duel

Clan: [e]mpire
Ladderrank: #20
Age: 23
Occupation: Student
Nation: Ireland
Joined: December 2014
Special moment during his FAF career:
Winning the WWPC u1900 for the first time after an epic BO5 vs TA4Life


Clan: [VoR] Voice of Reason 
Ladderrank: #15
Occupation: Student
Nation: Great Britain
Joined: October 2014
Special moment during his FAF career:
Beating Adjux in a BO3 during the Intergalactic Colloseum

A key part of this BO11 is the limits to faction us,  and choice of faction must be made before the game!

The winner will receive 50$ (+ donations)

As for the rest of the rules, maps and other things go to the forum post for full info!

regards, Mephi




Beta testing for client needed!

There is a beta version of the client in development but we need to fix some bugs in it before it can be released!

Of course you can just download it and use it as normal if you wish. However it is a beta so expect some things not to work!

You can download it here

Remember to report any and all issues with logs into the tech support forum!


Uncheck ‘remember me’ if sign in failed
Fix autodownload of sim mods
Add options to skip dialogs for autodownload of maps/mods
Fix crash when rightclicking in the replayvault
Fix ‘spoiler free’ option in replay vault not working