=Prime Commander – 1vs1 $500 Tournament=

To all who desire some competition:

FAF proudly announces that the competition will be back next week with a major 1vs1 tournament to celebrate the summer : The Prime Commander ! This tournament will be organized by LuXy, theeggroll and Tokyto, and a 500$ cashprize will be granted thanks to visionik, split over the top-16 players ! Everyone is welcome to sign in on the forum and can attempt to become the most respected commander of the community ! 64 slots maximum, so be quick !


Sign up now!

Sign up now!


Regards, LuXy

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Your New Balance Councilor – Zocky Zock

Hi everyone -

After a way-too-long process (with apologies, I had the big distraction of selling a company) the FAF Council has chosen a balance councilor:  Zocky Zock.

I want to sincerely (and I mean sincerely) thank everyone who volunteered for the position.   I hope that everyone who did so will join with Zocky Zock to create a balance team we all will love.

While we are talking about councilors, I wanted to detail some of my thoughts on what a councilor will do.  In short, each councilor should:

  1. Oversee a team in their area of responsibility.
  2. Bring up issues in their area of responsibility that are strategic or contentious and should be voted on by the full council.
  3. Participate in other strategic or contentious discussions with the council.
  4. Help with the ongoing management and growth of FAF.
  5. Above all else: make sure FAF is increasingly fun for as many players as possible.

Many of you have not seen much of Zock recently; we’ve had a good discussion with him and he is going to be able to spend much more time on FAF and balance than he could in the recent past.

Completely separate from the above, BRNK is resigning from the role of Councilor of Promotion.   BRNK has a lot of new things going on in his “real life” and realized he just wouldn’t have time to do best he could.   I want to thank BRNK for all he has done for the FAF community, and hope to see more of him in the future!

Again, than you * 100 to everyone who volunteered to be the Councilor of Balance, and I really do hope everyone who was interested will work together to create a great balance team.


Patch 3641 Pre Release

Hey folks,

We’ve released a pre release version of the next game patch (3641). You can find it in the Custom Games tab right next to the main FAF mod.

Please play it and report any problems/issues in our tech support forums. Discuss the patch on the forums here.


We’re going to be updating the testing patch rapidly over the coming week, with a final release date to be announced soon. So stay tuned!


The changelog is as follows:

Patch 3641


  • Instant crash exploit partially fixed
  • No longer possible to give away units in progress of being captured
  • No longer possible to bypass unit restrictions with sneaky UI mods
  • Fixed being able to remotely destroy wreckage anywhere on the battlefield



  • Seraphim sniper bot is able to hit Cybran MML again
  • Fixed SCUs not being hit properly by laser weapons
  • Fixed units aiming too high on the UEF and Aeon SCUs


  • Fixed shield structure glows and rotations not playing
  • Fixed bug with capture progress bar not being synced if using multiple engineers
  • Optimised the range-rings shader to reduce the way FPS falls off a cliff
  • Fixed bug with instantly disappearing wrecks due to garbage collection
  • Fixed wrong regen values being reported on UI-side
  • Disable build effect beams on sinking engineers
  • Reload bar refill rate now scales with RateOfFire buffs
  • Legacy checkbox UI code working again
  • Fixed Engineers spawning the wrong tarmacs when building Seraphim buildings


  • Projectiles no longer collide with sinking units
  • UEF T3 Transport now leaves wreck in water
  • Cybran ACU can now fire the laser when standing in water
  • Fixed Seraphim T1 Mobile Artillery not firing at fast targets properly
  • Yolona Oss now deals damage to itself
  • Flares and depth charges no longer draw in friendly projectiles
  • Fix shots sometimes going right through Walled PD


  • T3 Torpedo Bomber can use Attack-Move properly again
  • Units with weapon range upgrades now stop at maximum range when using attack-move
  • Shield disruptor now works on personal shields
  • Fixed wrong consumption when repairing ACU after an upgrade finished
  • Support factories no longer lose progress if they are damaged during upgrade
  • Aeon SCUs with nano + vet now get correct regen rate
  • Fixed share until death bug with dual-given units
  • Mini map now remembers whether to show resource icons or not
  • Current command mode no longer reset if an engineer dies in the current selection
  • Fixed bug with chat messages having wrong recipients in replay
  • Seraphim and Aeon T2 shields can now pause while upgrading to T3
  • Fixed RateOfFire buffs not being applied correctly



  • Scathis now has Amphibious build icon
  • Attack and Nuke reticles now scale with impact radius
  • TMLs now show the splash damage radius in targeting mode
  • Cybran Engineers now display a build beam to clearly show what they’re tasked to
  • Cybran factories now have red build beams
  • Number of Cybran build bots scale with buildpower of the engineer
  • Ping values under “Connectivity” (F11) now update during game stop/stall
  • Added Yolona Oss to Mavor/Salvation/Scathis build restriction and renamed it Super-Game-Enders
  • ASF effects tweaked for performance (less effects on low fidelity)
  • Cybran engineering build bots now crash when their owner dies rather than just vanishing
  • Quantum Gateways now can assist each other
  • Enhanced Seraphim tarmacs


  • New option: Show reclaim value of wreckage on map by pressing Ctrl-Shift (need to enable it in Options / Interface and restart game)
  • Smart selection feature allowing hotkeys to select units by category
  • Remove owner-check on text pings so anyone can delete them
  • Reclaim/second now shown
  • Reclaimed mass now counts towards the score table
  • UEF ACU and SCU drones now have an on-drone button to toggle if they are rebuilt at death
  • Now possible to pause units to make them pause execution of queued up orders
  • Debug window: Searching for units now supports unit name and substrings
  • Cybran engineering build bots no longer display the heads-up consumption overlay
  • “Commander under attack” now plays for shielded ACUs
  • 34 new taunts
  • Added a button to unbind key mappings


  • Engineering Station units now pause on transfer from one player to another
  • Cybran build bots now can assist next build project without respawning
  • The least valuable units are destroyed at unit transfer if unitcap is hit
  • Absolver shield disrupter now hovers higher, so it’s less likely to hit the floor with the very low mounted gun
  • UEF SCU Drone can now capture, the same as the ACU ones
  • Tiny changes to make Fatboy/Megalith/Spiderbot weapons symmetrical in behaviour where they should be
  • Added templates for all support factories. AI in coop missions is now able to rebuild support factories
  • Assist now prioritize building over repair


  • Crotalus
  • Eximius
  • IceDreamer
  • ResinSmoker
  • Sheeo
  • Speed2
  • anihilnine
  • ckitching
  • shalkya
  • bamboofats
  • quark036

Special Thanks To

  • Softly
  • Exotic Retard
  • Nyx




Lobby/UI Update

Today we pushed a small update to fix some minor issues with the lobby:

  • Setting game rule would sometimes cause the host to be unable to chat
  • Game options weren’t visible to joining players without toggling the “Hide default options” checkbox
  • Joining players could not see Team or AI options
  • Map preview now correctly puts markers on rectangular maps


This update also prepares the lobby for some upcoming improvements to the coop gamemode. It also fixes an issue with the ingame world-border on non-rectangular map, it will now fit snugly on e.g. balmy:

If the map was too tall, previously you would have to turn off the world border to avoid overlapping, this is fixed, too.


Many thanks to ckitching for his hard work on the lobby!