Testers needed for the new coop mission Prothyon-16!

The development of this mission is coming along nicely but feedback is needed ensure the highest quality in user experience.

Simply play the map and have fun while providing useful feedback at the same time!

You can download the map from the FAF forums:

Make sure you read the readme and follow the instructions or some things might not work. There is also information on what to look out for and how to report issues or suggestions.

regards, speed2

Survival 5th Dimension Challenge

A new challenge approaches

We present to you a brand new competition, a very different one from anything you have ever seen previously. The goal is to beat the map “survival_5thdimension”, following the rules listed in the forum. The trick to it is that it’s borderline impossible. 

Forum Link


Results and replays can be submitted from 3rd of October (today) to the 17th of October. The challenge is won by beating it, or having the best time if no one completes it.


Split equally between the winning team:

4x “Survival Master” avatar (one for each player)
Prize Money:
- 400$ (100$ for each player). Thanks to visionik!

More details are in the forum thread, make sure to read it.

Organizers: Blodir, Petricpwnz

Automatch Rotation

Link to the forum thread, make your thoughts known there

The new rotation is as follows:

Twin Rivers, Roanoke, EOTS, Open Palms, Regor VI, Theta Passage, Bermuda Locket, Loki, Syrtis Major, Williamson’s Bridge, Seraphim Glaciers, Ambush Pass, Niflheim Final II, Crossfire Canal, Broken Vows v8

Previous rotation:

Twin Rivers, Roanoke, EOTS, Open Palms, Regor VI, Theta Passage, Bermuda Locket, Loki, Syrtis Major, Williamson’s Bridge, Point of Reach, Saltrock, Theta 5, TAG_Craftius_Maximus, Vulcan’s Reach

Regards, TA4Life

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New weekly tournament series

Hello Commanders!

A new series of tournaments is on the way, hosting a different tournament every Sunday!

Starting next sunday 6pm GMT with a 1v1 tournament for everyone below 1000 rating, featuring a free Zock lesson as 1st prize.

Check out more details and sign up via the tournament tab. You are expected on the battlefield!


Co-op Update

Coop Mod & Coop Missions Update
Today Coop mod and most of the mission got updated. There are still many bugs that needs to be fixed. If you find some, please do report them on forum or github with proper logs. We’re still having problems with desync in some missions, more reports are needed to find out what’s causing them.

General fixes:

  • Building experiments or game enders doesn’t cause desync anymore.
  • Restriction to FA units in all Vanilla campaign – needs to be tested.
  • Allowing player to build support factories where he’s given HQs
  • New system for handling Player’s death
  • Pausing player’s Mass Fabs at the beginning of missions

Aeon Campaign:

  • Machine Purge (2nd mission)
    • Added missing file with attack platoons
  • High Tide (3rd mission)
    • Fixed positions of Torp Launchers wreckages so they can be rebuilt
      without reclaiming

Cybran Campaign:

  • Liberation (1st mission)
    • Fixed Mission not starting.
  • Mainframe Tango (4th mission)
    • Fixed map not expanding
  • Unlock (5th mission)
    • Fixed map not expanding after first objective.
  • Freedom (6th mission)
    • Fixed map not expanding

UEF Campaign:

  • Metal Shark (3rd mission)
    • Fixed position initial wrecked buildings so they can be rebuild without reclaiming. They were off the grid
  • Stone Wall (6th mission)
    • Fixed Aeon fire base template. There were Cybran T2 static arty in Aeon base template.

FA Campaign:

  • Black Day (1st mission)
    • Properly removing the intel on bases in first objective on hard difficulty.
    • Changed number of engies in AI bases to original values.
    • Adjusted UEF attack platoons in last objective (still needs to be adjusted to build less units)
    • Fixed AIs economy, more Energy and Mass Storages and T3 Pgens. Small base design changes. AIs should not power stall anymore
    • Aeon player is getting assigned the right color.
  • Dawn (2nd mission)
    • Added two platoons with battleships in last part of the mission, built only if player has some T3 naval units.
    • Added new small naval base for QAI in last objective.
    • Fixed map not expanding after killing base in first objective.
    • Again launching all nukes before last objective so QAI is ahead in production.
  • Meltdown (4th mission)
    • Fixed mission not starting.
  • Mind Games (5th mission)
    • Added platoon with battleships in last part of the mission, built only if player has some T3 naval units.
  • Overlord (6th mission)
    • Re-enabled difficulty for Fletcher’s base.

Known issues:

  • Missions where you have to evacuate Cybran or UEF units though the Quantum gate will bug out at that point.
  • Mind Games (5th mission) does not expand after killing Hex5

Contributors: speed2, ckitching, Sheeo, Washy

Regards, speed2

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