Server Hiccup

Hi folks,

We had a slight server hiccup today interrupting games from about 19:00 until 19:50 CEST.

Everything should be back to normal, but please don’t hesitate to report on the forums if you notice anything out of the ordinary.


We’re still investigating what happened and will be posting an update on the forums once we’re certain.



Player Councilor Nominations – and Council of Setons Reboot

Hello and good morning/afternoon/evening everyone…

The massively-over-due nomination for a new Player Councilor has now begun:

This is part of an overall “reboot” of the Council of Setons, which is discussed here:

I sincerely apologize to everyone for how long this has taken to get started.  I have been dealing with the opening of a new office that was 7 months behind schedule and costing me an absolutely insane amount of money.   That office finally opened two days ago, and I have returned the land of the FAF-living.



The first LegendOfTheStars Tournament is completed!

Thank you to everyone for organizing, playing, casting, participating and watching.

Congratulations to the winners! You can find the results here

…or watch the recordings of arkitects great livecast on youtube:

The full cast until the finals:
The final game:

Ultimate Assimilator Tourney

Tournament Directors: [SNF]CookieNoob & [e]Tokyto_

Sat. 1st of October, 16:00 GMT

IRC channel: #UltimateAssimilator
Bracket and Matchups:

The Ultimate Assimilator Tourney will test your ability to adapt to unusual game situations. It is a 2v2 tourney with combined rating limit of 3k. To sign up, post your name below. If you do not have a forum account, contact someone who has or make one. If you have any questions contact me directly, please don’t clutter the thread. Thank you.

Casters: [SNF]arkitectNoob

Rules and sign ups:

The new map rotation for september/october is here. Have fun playing ladder and discovering the new maps!


Canis River
Sentry point
break V2

Forbidden Pass
Desert Planet II
Regor VI Highlands
Saltrock Colony
High Noon
Forgotten Facilities
Dusty mounds
White Fire

Emerald Crater
Point of Reach

Maps removed:
Moonlight Pass
Syrtis Major
Eye of the Storm
Open Palms
Seraphim Glaciers