Faction Fridays!

Greetings FAFers!

Today, I must sadly state that there is no love in FAF for the Aeon… People have asked when the Aeon will be featured, and my answer to that is “as soon as someone sends me a cool screenshot of the Aeon in action.”

Let’s all get in a drum circle, sing our saddest, most soulful spritual song, and attempt to summon an awesome picture of the space hippies for the next Faction Friday :D

In the mean time, I will treat you with the Cybran nation trolling a UEF player mercilessly, courtesy of the people listed in the scoreboard on the right!



Faction Fridays!

Greetings FAF!

Once again, we have reached the glorious weekend, and that means it is time for……

The Cybran are back, and this time I have for you an absolutely terrifying alternate art for the Mantis. Prepare for this to haunt your dreams tonight!

RK4000, I think this should totally be in your next version of ‘splosions! Unfortunately the person who sent me this did not give his tag, but thanks to “J” for the awesome pic!



Attention Ladder Players!

There have been a couple changes to the map pool that you need to know about!

First of all, both of the new maps that have been featured here, Seraphim Outpost and Monaki (scroll down for the posters!) are now in the map pool. Open up your map manager next to the faction selection, and make sure to check those boxes so you can play on these epic new maps!

Secondly, the fixed version of Open Waters (v2) has finally been put into the pool, so anyone who removed that map because it wouldn’t launch needs to re-enable it!

Last of all, remember that you need to pick at least 15 maps in the pool for the selection to work properly! If you have less than 15 selected, there is a pretty good chance that you will get a random map instead of the ones that you selected.

Good luck commanders! Don’t forget that you can claim division avatars by playing ladder, so get to it!


Lobby 2.7 release

As promised last week we’ve released a new version of the ingame lobby.

A huge thanks to everyone who contributed on this release:

  • ckitching
  • IceDreamer
  • Eximius
  • JeroenDeDauw
  • Crotalus
  • Xinnony

The changelog will show the first time you launch the game, but it’s also replicated below.


Remember, this update only affects the lobby, the core game has not been modified. Happy games!

  • Lots of bug fixes
  • Lots of UI polish
  • Resources are now shown in all map previews
  • The unit manager can once again be seen by non-host players
  • Preset system now saves activated mods
  • Observers can now open the chat menu by pushing ENTER
  • Further performance improvements
  • Team selectors disabled when auto-teams is overriding them
  • Fixed issue with idle engineer lists
  • Clan tags are now shown in lobby
  • Connect by IP works for players with a steam installation again


- Sheeo

Faction Fridays!

It is that day of the week again! As we all kick off the weekend, enjoy a little slice of Forged Alliance, this time featuring the aliens that invaded our game!

So today I have a screenshot for you guys from a game with RKS explosions on. If you haven’t tried explosions you really should! There are some AMAZING effects in that mod, and also some really hilarious things that happen, like what is pictured below. What has happened, is that an air factory was killed while producing an ASF, and the plane was left hanging in the air without the factory to build it.

I love this picture, because it looks like the ASF is materializing from the gates of desolation, or some such thing :D

There is an entire thread full of epic screen shots on the forum, and if you haven’t checked it out already you should head over there for a look! Feel free to contribute any pictures that you have!

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