Lobby/UI Update

Today we pushed a small update to fix some minor issues with the lobby:

  • Setting game rule would sometimes cause the host to be unable to chat
  • Game options weren’t visible to joining players without toggling the “Hide default options” checkbox
  • Joining players could not see Team or AI options
  • Map preview now correctly puts markers on rectangular maps


This update also prepares the lobby for some upcoming improvements to the coop gamemode. It also fixes an issue with the ingame world-border on non-rectangular map, it will now fit snugly on e.g. balmy:

If the map was too tall, previously you would have to turn off the world border to avoid overlapping, this is fixed, too.


Many thanks to ckitching for his hard work on the lobby!



Faction Friday!

Hey peoples of FAF!

It is once again (almost) the weekend! With the weekend comes junk food, and Ninrai (Blackster) has made an epic pic featuring everyones favorite Aeon breakfast!

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……………….. Donuts………..



If you have any awesome pics you want to show off, submit them to me at brnkoinsanity@gmail.com so we can feature them on the news feed!


Faction Fridays!

Greetings FAFers!

Today, I must sadly state that there is no love in FAF for the Aeon… People have asked when the Aeon will be featured, and my answer to that is “as soon as someone sends me a cool screenshot of the Aeon in action.”

Let’s all get in a drum circle, sing our saddest, most soulful spritual song, and attempt to summon an awesome picture of the space hippies for the next Faction Friday :D

In the mean time, I will treat you with the Cybran nation trolling a UEF player mercilessly, courtesy of the people listed in the scoreboard on the right!



Faction Fridays!

Greetings FAF!

Once again, we have reached the glorious weekend, and that means it is time for……

The Cybran are back, and this time I have for you an absolutely terrifying alternate art for the Mantis. Prepare for this to haunt your dreams tonight!

RK4000, I think this should totally be in your next version of ‘splosions! Unfortunately the person who sent me this did not give his tag, but thanks to “J” for the awesome pic!