August 29th – Game and Balance Patch – FAF 3658!

After several months of BETA testing and many changes in response to great community feedback, today sees the release of Game Version 3658. This patch includes a bunch of bugfixes and feature additions, but the main event is definitely the suite of balance changes.

Don’t be fooled by the 3655 label, the number system has got a bit confused in recent weeks. Here is a link to Zock’s changelog for the balance portion of this patch. It not only details the changes, but also the reasoning behind each one.

For those of you who also want to see what’s been going on with the bugfix side, here’s a link to the full changelog:

The main highlights include:
•    Added game side of a new rehost function to rehost a new game with the same settings. This will work in Downlord’s client shortly, and is coming to the main client in the near future
•    Allowed players to be swapped in the lobby by using the map preview icons
•    Stop torpedoes colliding with missiles, such as in nuke subs
•    Overhaul of bomb drop code from the ground up. From testing, this seems to eliminate the inaccuracy from bombers shifting altitude. It may even make Janus useful!


Have fun everyone!

Zock, IceDreamer

BlackOps Beta Testing

It’s time to start testing the BlackOps mod as part of the process for it to become a featured mod!

The functionality should all be there, now its your turn to help out and catch all the bugs, while we work on the client/server support for it.

We’re on the lookout for smaller bugs, typos in descriptions, oddities – fit and finish, polish.

To download the mod simply head to this page over here, then click the “Clone or download” button, and then “Download ZIP”. After that unpack the mod into your mods folder.

To report an issue or suggest an improvement, head to the forum page here. Remember we are depending on you, and the mods release will be closer with every bug reported!

We hope you enjoy playing it, and are looking forward to your feedback!

Feedback on features

Hey all, we’re trying to get a lot more user-feedback features involved with FAF. These will come with time, and first we have an ideas page.


We would like to get your ideas on how Forged Alliance Forever should be improved. Tell us about new features we should consider or how we can improve existing features. Suggest here:

Hello Commanders!

This is just a quick reminder of the FAF chat rules, please refrain from using obscene, abusive or crude language in chat.  Trolling, insulting and/or cheating in games is also not tolerated.
The aim of the FAF community is to promote Supreme Commander: FA and to grow a community where everyone can enjoy the game. It is neither encouraging nor helpful to be rude, especially to the newer players.
Any violation of the rules may result in bans.
Be friendly to each other!
You can find the full list of rules here:

The FAF moderation team

August 8th Server Update is Done

The new server software has been installed, including a new game patch (3656).

If you see any new problems please report them at

What’s in the update?

Server Software Update

  1. Enable FAF API server to work better with HTTPS
  2. Remove “dead games” from the internal server list more consistently
  3. Update Geographic IP data to display country flags more accurately
  4. Fix for game visibility
  5. Fix code that checked to see if a ban had expired
  6. Fix error in server when reading unit statistics
  7. Add new GPGNet command for enforcing ratings

Game Patch Update

  • Make teamkill reporting work with server update
  • Change format of unit statistics