Patch 3634 – Changelog.

Beta Patch 3634!

Like 3633, it’s a BETA patch.

It means that bugs might be there, and the previously introduced units (T3 AA) are still in a balance process.

Please go to the forum for feedback!


Lobby 2.4 (Xinnony)

  • Fixed the “Yellow Country Flag” bug.
  • Fixed an issue with mods & load preset option.
  • Background modding support.
  • Fixed wide-screen skin not resizing correctly.
  • Mod Manager enhancements.
  • Small changes in the Faction Selector.
  • Fixed the Options panel not showing “Advanced Map Options” and “Global Options” correctly.
  • Removed AI and Team options in the Option panel.
  • “Hide default Options” was not working properly.
  • “Host Game Options” was not set correctly in the option panel.
  • Add a ‘(default)’ text in Host Options.
  • Changed the color of “Observers in Game” label if you are not the Host.
  • Added a ‘No rule (click for edit)’ only for the Host.

T3 Mobile AA.

  • Added the T3 AA in the megalith build panel.
  • the Seraphim T3 mobile wasn’t able to hit a Soul Ripper.
  • T3 Mobile AA balance adjustments based on feedback (more range, DPS nerf for the Seraphim one, and small other tweaks).

Small balance changes

  • The UEF satellite will now be destroyed when hit by a nuke.
  • Damage buff for the Mavor : 2 Dukes + t3 pgens are now not better than a Mavor.

Bug Fixes

  • Improvements to Cybran ACU laser (by Resin_Smoker)
  • Aeon Destroyer and Battleship visual effects improvements (by Resin_Smoker).
  • Fix for Megalith not attacking a naval target because it stays in range of the primary weapon.
  • More fixes to shields.

Contributors (on top of those already cited in the changelog) : Sheeo, Pip and Icedreamer. And all the players who gave feedback & seek bugs!

Patch 3633 – Changelogs.

This patch should be considered a “Beta patch”. We will iterate it during a month until we are happy with the changes introduced.


  • Introducing T3 Mobile Anti-Air. If you don’t like them, there is a restriction category inside the lobby to remove them.
  • Aeon T3 Support Air factory costs and storage corrected
  • Cybran T3 Support Naval factory buildtime corrected
  • UEF T3 Transport shield fix to avoid units to receive damages.
  • Aeon Battleship charge reduced to 0.1 (from 0.5).
  • T3 SAMs don’t hurt friendly units anymore.
  • Fix for spillover damage for shields.
  • Fixing some unit descriptions.

If you have comments or fixes to propose, you can propose them in the forum.

Fixes must be submitted with code, as a pull request in the repository or they won’t be considered (check “external contributors” forum).