Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes (to the server)

Hi Everyone, it’s been a long time!

Today (Monday, February 1st) we are starting the switch to the new FAF server software that we’ve been working on for over a year.  We’ve tested this software as much as we can “on our own”.   I want to warn everyone that their will *almost certainly* be problems with the new server software.  We simply don’t have enough people who can test and help us find every problem in advance.

Please note this update does *not* include the FAF mod (units/balance) beta update. We’ll hopefully do that later this week.

So, wish us luck, and we’ll keep you up to date on how things are going!   While this may bring short term problems, it’s going to make things much better in the long run.  It’s an investment in the future of FAF.

UPDATED: When I took over FAF, my #1 goal was to make the game more fun, and for me, the technical side of “fun” came down to three goals:  Make the server more stable (which we’ve done over the last two years [although again it's likely going to be trouble for a few days this week]), make game connections work better and drops happen far less often, and make the server easier to maintain and scale.

As a result the new server software features three big changes:

1. Many of the server modules have been rewritten/refactored, modernized, cleaned up, and moved from Python 2 to Python 3.  One of the challenges we’ve faced with the current server is an ongoing memory “leak” where the FAF server software uses more and more RAM every day.  These leaks mean we need to restart the server modules every month or so.  This update will start to address that, and it will make it much easier for us to introduce new server/client features in the future.

2. The FAF proxy server is being replaced with a standards-based, open source proxy server: … The coturn server implemented the internet standard wonder-trio of STUN, TURN, and ICE to try to connect client directly and then fallback to the proxy if it can’t.  Coturn is very widely used, and will bring us up to the latest in proxying technology and techniques.  The FAF client has also been updated to use the STUN/TURN/ICE standards instead of the older, proprietary FAF proxying techniques – so expect a new client download soon.

In addition, the TURN/STUN/ICE support in the FAF client will let us easily explore the idea of having regional proxy servers in the future (ie, one in EU, one in US, one in ASIAPAC.  Yes that means you too, Australia and New Zealand.)

3. All of the server software has been moved to Docker containers.  Docker makes the server easier for us to deploy, manage, and secure.  It will also make it easier for us to scale FAF to larger sizes cost effectively.

FYI, We plan to move things over in this order:

A) Forums - DONE
B) web – DONE
C) Wiki – DONE
D) Mumble – DONE
E) Everything else – Scheduled for Weds, February 3rd

If you have any problems at all to report, please post them here:

Or if that’s not working, PM sheeo or I on FAF chat.

I want to sincerely thank all the developers who worked on this upgrade over the last two years, including ckitching and of course sheeo.



Roo’s and Drop Bears 1v1 Tourny

RAWR!!!! i will drop on you if you don’t join! ^^

Saturday the 6th of Feburary, 8am GMT- to name some cities:
9pm Auckland
7pm Sydney/Canberra/Melb time
6pm Brisbane
5pm Tokyo
4pm Perth, Beijing

Check your timezone:

Please note, if you are interested but you can’t make it due to the time or day of the week, leave a comment so hopefully i can cater to more peoples needs next time ^^

Sign up page:

This tourny was created for people who find it hard to be awake for European tournaments, there are no rating limits, this is just for fun!
This will be a double elimination 1v1 tournament with the default settings.
If anyone disconnects during a game, the TD will either call for a rematch or decide who losses.
A draw results in a rematch.
The currently exploit ban list applies to the tournament.
Be in Aeolus 15 minutes before the tournament starts, we will be moving people in before the tourny starts so it can start on time
If you aren’t in Aeolus 5 minutes before the tournament you will be removed from the tourny.
If your Challonge account name is different to your in game name please advice in the tourny thread.

Anyways, this is all just for fun so dw about your rating or whatever ^^


First prize: Tourn-y winner avatar, a Zock lesson (around 2-3 hours ish) and 10AUD
Second prize: Face of a faction avatar
Third prize: Logo of a faction avatar

Edit: Given that the tourny has a cash prize, i’ve decided that the Zock lessons can only go to people under 1500 so we can train and encourage newer people to the competitive scene. And lets face it, if you’re above 1500 in ladder, you’re ranked in the top 100 of all of FAF so lets share and just have fun? Hope you guys won’t be too sad about this new rule, sorry! <3

Kind regards,

Violet <3

2v2 Tournament

WE WILL PREVAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!

27th February, Saturday 4 PM GMT 
Check your timezone:

-32 teams maximum
-Both players combined must have under 3500 global rating (exact rating, not the rounded rating to the next 100) on this day (28th January). Gaining or losing rating in the next 30 days has no effect. Players with a very low amount of total or recent games or other indicators of smurfing can be excluded from the tournament
Players who get caught of smurfing or artificially lowering their rating will be banned from this and all future tournaments
-Double Elimination
-Default settings (but full share and score off)
-If a disconnect results in a loss or a rematch will be decided by the tournament director
-If a match doesn’t start within 15 minutes of a T.D announcing the round starting the T.D may disqualify any players causing delay
-It is forbidden to transfer a significant amount of units to the higher rated person with the purpose of removing the disadvantage of having a lower rated player in the team. 
-The tournament director reserves rights to change rules and exclude or kick players from the tournament if he deems it as necessary. 
-Only 1 player from the team needs to sign up but whoever signs the team up to the tourney needs to post a team name and the names of both players in the team

1st place: 2v2 Tournament winner avatar + $200
2nd place: 2v2 Almost tournament winner avatar + $100
3rd place: A face avatar of your choice +$75
4th-8th place: 25$ each

FAF Podcast, Episode 2

Episode 2, link here:



These pictures basically define Kalvicat as a person.


[e] clan, a Cat hugging a turtle, and more! On this episode of the FAF Podcast. — Watch live at

4:56 - Matchmaker/ladder discussion
23:25 - Ui mods, what do we all use?
57:27 - Tournaments
1:12:52 - New casters!

regards, Kalvirox

Weekly Tourney All Welcome

Pew pew pew…. KA BOOM!

Saturday on the 6th Feb 2016, 5 PM GMT (sorry aussies)
Check your timezone:

This tourny will be live casted, the caster is to be announced but it will be casted on twitch at the start of the tourny.

-No ladder rating restriction
-Double Elimination (or swiss, up to change)
-Default settings
-If a disconnect results in a loss or a rematch will be decided by the tournament director
-A draw results in a rematch.
-If a match doesn’t start within 15 minutes of a T.D announcing the round starting the T.D may disqualify any players causing delay
-You must have played atleast 10 ladder games within the last month to participate.

1st place: $75
2nd place: $50
3rd place: $25