Coop is working again

Thanks to speed2, ckitching and myself, the coop missions work again — now with the very latest version of FAF (3644).

We’ve also added the three missing Cybran campaigns (Mainframe Tango, Unlock and Freedom), along with three Aeon ones that weren’t showing up (Machine Purge, High Tide and Entity).

We’re still working on getting descriptions all the missions up.


We need help playtesting all of them, there may still be a few bugs! Please report any issues in the tech support section of our forums.


Thank you for your patience.

- Sheeo

Patch 3644, 3645 beta, Client 0.10.124 updates

Today comes with a bit of a bunched update. We’re releasing patch 3644, which fixes some issues that players have been observing with AI’s (Full changelog in the end of this post).

We’ve restructured the list of featured mods. In the future, the upcoming balance patch will be the topmost mod, and named FAF (beta). The normal, most recently released version, will be immediately beneath, and just named “FAF”.

The normal version is what is used for ladder, and custom games that opt to use it. You can always see which patch number is in use in the top-left corner of a lobby, if you’re in doubt.

Patch 3645 Beta

See for changes.

Patch 3644


  • AI now works again
  • Unpausing engineers works again
  • Units currently being built no longer hang around when transferring or reclaiming the factory the were being built in.
  • Seraphim units render correctly on medium fidelity


  • Jammer field from crystal now stops working when the crystal is reclaimed
  • Jammer crystal reclaim increased to (5000e, 50bt)


  • Ckitching
  • Sheeo
  • CodingSquirrel
  • Crotalus
  • Speed2

Client 0.10.124


  • Main featured mods are ordered differently

Client 0.10.123


  • Map previews for undownloaded maps work again


  • Ability to sort active games by number of players / game quality and average rating
  • Ability to hide private games
  • Games will launch slightly faster


  • HaraldWeber
  • Dragonfire
  • Sheeo

Patch 3643

We’ve pushed patch 3643 to fix some more issues, and add a few enhancements. The changelog is as follows:


  • Fixed issue with half built units from naval factories
  • Fixed issue with sometimes being unable to quit the game
  • Cybran and UEF buildbots / drones no longer explode with the no air restriction
  • Fixed issue with being unable to reclaim mexes that are being upgraded
  • Seraphim ACU minimum range for normal gun and OC adjusted to be the same as other ACU’s
  • Seraphim destroyer surfaces itself after building again
  • Seraphim T2 transport no longer allows active shields on board
  • Seraphim ACU restoration field now works for allied units
  • Aeon T3 battleship TMD is no longer completely unable to stop TML’s


  • Added ability to see unit data (xp/regen rate) as observer
  • Firebeetles can no longer detonate in the air
  • Upgrade hotkey now works for T2 naval and air support factories


  • CodingSquirrel
  • Crotalus
  • Gorton
  • Sheeo
  • ckitching
  • ggwpez




Patch 3642 hotfix

Yesterdays patch had a minor glitch left in where obsidians and titans would not die to overcharge.

We’ve released patch 3642 to fix this, sorry for the inconvenience.


Please remember to update your mods to the latest versions for compatibility with 3641+ — we’re working on getting coop up to date, and it should start working again within the next few days.


- Sheeo

Patch 3641 release

Hey folks,

Patch 3641 has been available for public testing for a while now — bugs have been squashed and it has reached a stable state where we’re ready to release it. It’s going live at midnight CEST (UTC/GMT +2)!

The changelog is large, and we’ve hit an all time record for the amount of contributors to the code! Many thanks to everyone involved in keeping us going stronger than ever :)


Some UI mods are known to be incompatible with this release. Please try disabling your UI mods if your game doesn’t work, before posting in tech support. Mod authors will publish new versions as soon as they can that are compatible with 3641.

The changelog is listed here:


  • Instant crash exploit partially fixed
  • No longer possible to give away units in progress of being captured
  • No longer possible to bypass unit restrictions with sneaky UI mods
  • Fixed being able to remotely destroy wreckage anywhere on the battlefield



  • Seraphim sniper bot is able to hit Cybran MML again
  • Fixed SCUs not being hit properly by laser weapons
  • Fixed units aiming too high on the UEF and Aeon SCUs
  • Torpedo/sonar platforms no longer confuse surface weaponry


  • Fixed shield structure glows and rotations not playing
  • Fixed bug with capture progress bar not being synced if using multiple engineers
  • Optimised the range-rings shader to reduce the way FPS falls off a cliff
  • Fixed bug with instantly disappearing wrecks due to garbage collection
  • Fixed wrong regen values being reported on UI-side
  • Disable build effect beams on sinking engineers
  • Reload bar refill rate now scales with RateOfFire buffs
  • Legacy checkbox UI code working again
  • Fixed Engineers spawning the wrong tarmacs when building Seraphim buildings
  • Engineering stations no longer exhibit a model bug when rebuilt by an assisting SCU
  • Fuel indicator no longer falls off the unit detail window
  • Seraphim ACU and SCU no longer show the tac missile counter if they don’t have the upgrade


  • Projectiles no longer collide with sinking units
  • UEF T3 Transport now leaves wreck in water
  • Cybran ACU can now fire the laser when standing in water
  • Fixed Seraphim T1 Mobile Artillery not firing at fast targets properly
  • Yolona Oss now deals damage to itself
  • Flares and depth charges no longer draw in friendly projectiles
  • Fix shots sometimes going right through Walled PD
  • Increased Aeon T3 Artillery MuzzleVelocity to allow it to fire at its maximum range


  • T3 Torpedo Bomber can use Attack-Move properly again
  • Units with weapon range upgrades now stop at maximum range when using attack-move
  • Shield disruptor now works on personal shields
  • Fixed wrong consumption when repairing ACU after an upgrade finished
  • Support factories no longer lose progress if they are damaged during upgrade
  • Aeon SCUs with nano + vet now get correct regen rate
  • Fixed share until death bug with dual-given units
  • Mini map now remembers whether to show resource icons or not
  • Current command mode no longer reset if an engineer dies in the current selection
  • Fixed bug with chat messages having wrong recipients in replay
  • Seraphim T2 shields can now pause while upgrading to T3
  • Fixed RateOfFire buffs not being applied correctly
  • SCUs will no longer rebuild buildings they lack to ability to build
  • Upgraded buildings rebuilt by assisting SCUs will now cost the correct amount
  • FAF no longer blows up if the game hasn’t first been launched to create a profile



  • Scathis now has Amphibious build icon
  • Attack and Nuke reticles now scale with impact radius
  • TMLs now show the splash damage radius in targeting mode
  • Cybran Engineers now display a build beam to clearly show what they’re tasked to
  • Cybran factories now have red build beams
  • Number of Cybran build bots scale with buildpower of the engineer, to a maximum of 10
  • Ping values under “Connectivity” (F11) now update during game stop/stall
  • Added Yolona Oss to Mavor/Salvation/Scathis build restriction and renamed it Super-Game-Enders
  • ASF effects tweaked for performance (less effects on low fidelity)
  • Cybran engineering build bots now crash when their owner dies rather than just vanishing
  • Quantum Gateways now can assist each other
  • Enhanced Seraphim tarmacs
  • Beams originating inside Fog of War will no longer be invisible
  • Cybran buildbots are no longer invisible to other players
  • MEx, T1 PD, and Radar strategic icons will appear above other building icons when zoomed out


  • New option: Show reclaim value of wreckage on map by pressing Ctrl-Shift (need to enable it in Options / Interface and restart game)
  • Smart selection feature allowing hotkeys to select units by category
  • Remove owner-check on text pings so anyone can delete them
  • Reclaim/second now shown
  • Reclaimed mass now counts towards the score table
  • UEF ACU and SCU drones now have an on-drone button to toggle if they are rebuilt at death
  • Now possible to pause units to make them pause execution of queued up orders
  • Debug window: Searching for units now supports unit name and substrings
  • Cybran engineering build bots no longer display the heads-up consumption overlay
  • “Commander under attack” now plays for shielded ACUs
  • 34 new taunts
  • Added a button to unbind key mappings
  • Drop shadow for chat messages
  • Chat Option: Add background to chat messages when chat window is closed
  • Chat Option: Allow chat to timeout normally in the feed after closing window
  • Reclaim window merged with main resources UI


  • Engineering Station units now pause on transfer from one player to another
  • Cybran build bots now can assist next build project without respawning
  • The least valuable units are destroyed at unit transfer if unitcap is hit
  • Absolver shield disrupter now hovers higher, so it’s less likely to hit the floor with the very low mounted gun
  • UEF SCU Drone can now capture, the same as the ACU ones
  • Tiny changes to make Fatboy/Megalith/Spiderbot weapons symmetrical in behaviour where they should be
  • Added templates for all support factories. AI in coop missions is now able to rebuild support factories
  • Assist now prioritize building over repair
  • Share Until Death is now default
  • Mod size reduced by about 30 MB


  • CodingSquirrel
  • Crotalus
  • DukeOfEarl
  • Eximius
  • IceDreamer
  • ResinSmoker
  • Sheeo
  • Speed2
  • anihilnine
  • bamboofats
  • ckitching
  • quark036
  • shalkya
  • pip
  • zock

Special Thanks To

  • Softly
  • Exotic Retard
  • Nyx