Lobby update : 0.10.111


  • Fixed a crash with the notification pop-up (when a map preview wasn’t available).
  • Fixed a crash with non-Unicode characters in chat. (ie. Arabic character set).
  • Changed the layout of the mod vault so titles are correctly displayed.
  • Changed the initial mod vault list (most liked mods of all time are first).

What’s is happening on FAF?


Clan war!

The fourth Intergalactic Colosseum clan war is starting Sunday 13 April!

7 Clans, 7 Weeks, fighting to death on 1vs1, 2vs2 and 3vs3 to determine who is the better clan on FAF!

Be sure to watch the livestreams & casts for the best team action ever!


FAF improvements!

Over the course of the last month, several improvements for the server stability has been made.

The foundations for the next round of features have been laid.

Coding Marathons!

They will resume next month (May), with some highly expected features!

You still can participate to determine what will be the next one!

Voice Of Reason Clan Invitational tournaments and TA4Life casts!

Be sure to not miss the series of casts from TA4Life (https://www.youtube.com/user/praisegugleourmaster), with a fantastic BO15 and the VoR invitational priced tournaments!


Forged Alliance – Patch 3632

This is a quick fix release.

  • Fixed Broadsword Damage Per Second (was nerfed by mistake to 33% of the actual value).
  • Fixed a bug where units weren’t damaged when a personal shield was in recharge state.

As usual, if you are playing on FAF, you already have the patch.

Patch 3631


  • Tons of little bug fixes in the interface.
  • Key binding panel is more robust now.
  • When binding a hotbuild key, if the shift/alt key combo is already binded, you will get an option to unbind them so hotbuild will be able use them.
  • You can now rotate the templates that are done through hotbuild.
  • The balance tweaks & some exploits were not really fixed in 3630 due to a bad merge of the code. They are now in 3631.